It really annoys me when I see pictures of people with heavy body mods, facial tattoos, etc. circulating around the internet, with a load of comments saying how they probably complain about how they can’t get a job.

NEWSFLASH: Those modifications cost money, and it’s incredibly obvious to anyone undergoing heavier work that they will be limited in their career choices. Many of these people either work in the body modification industry, or industries where dress code is not a problem.

Unemployed people would find it incredibly difficult to pay for the sheer amount of mods required to become some sort of awful internet meme. In fact, a lot of the really heavily modded people are pretty well-known, so it’s easy to point out that they’re employed in X field or hold Y degree.

Also, the never-ending question that even people with as little work as I get - “does that not hurt?”
Does no one think before speaking any more? Maybe the internet really is killing off the human attention span.




Pleasing Features is a monthly live session for innovative, original act, and we’re based out of The Workman’s Club, in Dublin.

Run by two 20-year-old music enthusiasts, we’ve been making waves in the Dublin new/live music scene, and we’re very ambitious in our goals.

Once a month, we get together for a session with four acts, that can vary from jazz and swing, to indie and post-rock, to experimental and obscure. The atmosphere can swing from upbeat to mellow very quickly, and we draw from very different groups of people.

Besides our diverse line-ups, we’re set apart from the rest in that we focus on quality. We very carefully select acts, and mix/match them to get the best possible combo. We have a professional photographer cover the night, which we not only upload to our Facebook page for all to see, but allow the musicians free usage of - with no watermarks. Furthermore, we record all the music, and upload to our SoundCloud, which has a decent amount of traffic.


With the launch of this website, Pleasing Features will be exploring a whole new avenue for coverage of the scene here. We will be speaking to and interviewing musicians big and small, radio presenters, recording studios, record labels and other live music nights to see just how a band gets out of their bedroom and into the charts.

We will also be writing more of our own reviews on the acts that grace our stage, and posting more news such as EP launches.

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Shane & Stephen
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